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Saturday, 31 July 2010

Say My Name Tweeps! What's The Best Name For This Funky Pushchair?

September sees the launch of this fabulous new 3 in 1 Combi pushchair! It's 3 handy modes, carry cot, pushchair and infant carrier car seat -with a forward and rear facing seat this fantastic new Cosatto Combi is destined to be a hit -we think so anyway :-).

Last night on Twitter we launched a search for a name to match this gorgeous new baby mobile to the Twitter communitee. We would like to thank you all for helping us out i
-it's really got the creative juices flowing! Remember the name has to work when we change the designs so one's relating to the leaf print don't necessarily work best!!!

 Here's what we've come up with so far.....

Glide/Slide -@emmaand3/@and1moremeans5
Bebe Roller Rider/Go-go -@Childcareisfun/@SuperluckyDi
Cosy Rider/easy Rider
Strider/sprint -@julesey
Push! -@iamboutique
Slinky -@cheshire_claire
Nip-e -@jumblymummy
Strollin Daze -@marnieb02
Coast -@MrsUnwin
Stroll On/Choice-@kikicomp
Quickstep/Foxtrot -@BelColt
wanderer -@SFRProdReviews

city cruiser/city chic-@Childcareisfun
city strider -@julesey
streetwise -@Sparkles07
Fashionista -@Mummy_V
Sleeka/Slick -@DebbieHTaylor
Chic In The City -@mummy_V
bug-E/we-GO/ i-GO -@cosatto_tweets (us)

Casper _@Jemjemjems
Portable dalek nursery stroller !!!! -@chillchamp
oomph/va va voom-@hellopolly
Whizz -@becaboop
Sleek/Joy -@NickiCawood
Chiquita/Brit Bug -@Mummy_V
Aurora -@SFRProdReviews
Shadow -@Flutterbys
(little)Sprite -@kellyfairy/@julesey
Billy Buggy/Classic -@Childcareidfun
Pride -@jumblymummy
Amie/Amigo/Boo! -@Cheshire_Claire
Moon/Lunar/Space -@eltonboy
Jazzy -@kikicomp
moop/zoop -@calteako
Flair/Joy -@NickiCawood
Coco -@prteresa
wish -@second_time_mum

Shoop/Scoop/Boogie/Rola/Robo/ Me-Mo/Wave/Monsta/love bug/Imp/Mooch/Morf -@cosatto_tweets inspired by you guys!!!!!!

Bloom -@kateagreen
Flo-Rider 4/Trevelo/Trio X-Press 4 -@second time mum
Leaf/Hazy dayz -@emmaand3
Florabunda/ forget me not -@flutterbys
Cocoon -@MeTheManAndBaby
Tuf-flea -@Delilah64
Breeze Buggy -@flapjack32
Daisy Push -@kikicomp
Tulip -@siancox @mumrablog
Autumn Acer/ Nature Nipper/4 season stroller/the autumnal/the daisy chain-@Childcareisfun
Petal/Push n Go -@Suburbanmummyuk (via her 4 year old daughter -clever girl!)
Blue Fleur -@savvymum4
Flora/Fleur -@catherineosborn
lili-bean/Flora Pod -@zooarchaelogis

Let me know what you think!! :)


  1. I already submitted one (@second_time_mum) but I dreamt this one last nght!! Lots of strange pregnancy dreams going on!!

    Cosatto Trio X-Press 4

  2. thanks for that one lovely! :)

  3. I vote for "Flow"

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  5. Can I throw in Harley or Harlie or Harlow in to the mixing pot too please? Cx