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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Cosatto at The Baby Show: Fun, friendly and with freebies

We’re super excited at Cosatto because we’re going to be at The Baby Show at Earl’s Court, London this weekend (22-24 October).

As well as our normal Cosatto Stand (at D2), we’re also sponsoring the Cosatto Coffee Stop, a haven after all that walking around and exhibit viewing, where you can take five minutes out and put your feet up and relax!

If you’ve already got your ticket, come on over to our stand and say, ‘Hi!’, as we have some fun stuff planned throughout the duration of the exhibition. Make sure you keep an eye on our Twitter account, @Cosatto_tweets, to keep up-to-date with all the exciting happenings!

Goody Bags

Signifying the ‘Freebies’ part of the three ‘fs’ in the title, (your favourite part, we know!) We’ve got 150 goody bags to give away to mums and dads this weekend! (50 each day). If you’d like to nab yourself some fab Cosatto goodies, all you have to do is go up to one of the Cosatto team at our stand (D2) and say, “I'm a Cosatto mum. Gimme a goody bag". It’s as simple as that! When they’ve gone, they’ve gone, so get ‘em fast, we predict a mum and dad stampede!!

Make sure you go to our stand for the goodie bags, at D2, not the Coffee Stop as the baristas won’t have any bags to give you and we’d hate for you to be disappointed!!


For all you Gadget Dads and Wired Mommas, we’re going to have our own “Cosatto Coffee Stop” check in, lets get a parental swarm on the go and see if we can’t get the official, elusive and much coveted Foursquare badge!


We’re going to be running Spotify throughout the duration of the event, please suggest some songs you’d like to hear to either our @Cosatto_tweets Twitter account, our ClubCosatto Facebook page or even, just comment under this post. (We’ve already selected Girls Aloud – Something Kinda Oooh) ;-)

More freebies!

Cosatto will be hiding vouchers for the Coffee Stop, which you can exchange for drinks and muffins! Make sure you keep a watchful eye on the Twitter and Facebook accounts as we’ll be announcing the times when they’ve been secretly stowed away for you to find at the stand.

If you’ve not got your ticket yet, you’ll be pleased to know that Cosatto are offering their Twitter followers a chance to get their hands on a pair, so you and a friend can enjoy a day at the show.

All you need to do is tweet, “RT @Cosatto_Tweets: I’m a Cosatto Mum & I want tickets to #TheBabyShow” and we’ll select winners from all those who enter. If it's too close to the event to post them, we'll meet you at the show.

Good luck from all the Cosatto team and hope to see you at the show! :-)

Saturday, 31 July 2010

Say My Name Tweeps! What's The Best Name For This Funky Pushchair?

September sees the launch of this fabulous new 3 in 1 Combi pushchair! It's 3 handy modes, carry cot, pushchair and infant carrier car seat -with a forward and rear facing seat this fantastic new Cosatto Combi is destined to be a hit -we think so anyway :-).

Last night on Twitter we launched a search for a name to match this gorgeous new baby mobile to the Twitter communitee. We would like to thank you all for helping us out i
-it's really got the creative juices flowing! Remember the name has to work when we change the designs so one's relating to the leaf print don't necessarily work best!!!

 Here's what we've come up with so far.....

Glide/Slide -@emmaand3/@and1moremeans5
Bebe Roller Rider/Go-go -@Childcareisfun/@SuperluckyDi
Cosy Rider/easy Rider
Strider/sprint -@julesey
Push! -@iamboutique
Slinky -@cheshire_claire
Nip-e -@jumblymummy
Strollin Daze -@marnieb02
Coast -@MrsUnwin
Stroll On/Choice-@kikicomp
Quickstep/Foxtrot -@BelColt
wanderer -@SFRProdReviews

city cruiser/city chic-@Childcareisfun
city strider -@julesey
streetwise -@Sparkles07
Fashionista -@Mummy_V
Sleeka/Slick -@DebbieHTaylor
Chic In The City -@mummy_V
bug-E/we-GO/ i-GO -@cosatto_tweets (us)

Casper _@Jemjemjems
Portable dalek nursery stroller !!!! -@chillchamp
oomph/va va voom-@hellopolly
Whizz -@becaboop
Sleek/Joy -@NickiCawood
Chiquita/Brit Bug -@Mummy_V
Aurora -@SFRProdReviews
Shadow -@Flutterbys
(little)Sprite -@kellyfairy/@julesey
Billy Buggy/Classic -@Childcareidfun
Pride -@jumblymummy
Amie/Amigo/Boo! -@Cheshire_Claire
Moon/Lunar/Space -@eltonboy
Jazzy -@kikicomp
moop/zoop -@calteako
Flair/Joy -@NickiCawood
Coco -@prteresa
wish -@second_time_mum

Shoop/Scoop/Boogie/Rola/Robo/ Me-Mo/Wave/Monsta/love bug/Imp/Mooch/Morf -@cosatto_tweets inspired by you guys!!!!!!

Bloom -@kateagreen
Flo-Rider 4/Trevelo/Trio X-Press 4 -@second time mum
Leaf/Hazy dayz -@emmaand3
Florabunda/ forget me not -@flutterbys
Cocoon -@MeTheManAndBaby
Tuf-flea -@Delilah64
Breeze Buggy -@flapjack32
Daisy Push -@kikicomp
Tulip -@siancox @mumrablog
Autumn Acer/ Nature Nipper/4 season stroller/the autumnal/the daisy chain-@Childcareisfun
Petal/Push n Go -@Suburbanmummyuk (via her 4 year old daughter -clever girl!)
Blue Fleur -@savvymum4
Flora/Fleur -@catherineosborn
lili-bean/Flora Pod -@zooarchaelogis

Let me know what you think!! :)

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Cosatto Nursery Furniture Showroom at It's A Baby in Bury -Coming Soon!

Day One of the showroom build in Bury. We're really excited to be working with the team at It's A Baby to create a gorgeous nursery showroom in their lovely store. The largest selection of our wonderful furniture range available for you to peruse under one roof!Above is Alan (Charlotte from IAB's Dad) and our Mark setting up stall for a hard weeks work!

Below is the window all decked out in Cosatto style to prepare the folks in Bury for the lovely stuff we have in store for them.

We're so excited -it's a brilliant opportunity to showcase our furniture collections in a small but perfectly formed space!

This section of the store is planned to open at the end of July 10 (exact date TBC)!

Monday, 31 May 2010

Why I REALLY do think the Cosatto Cabi is the best pushchair you can buy!!!

Ok so I’m breaking all the rules of social networking by shamelessly ranting on about how wonderful my company’s product is. The problem is I really BELIEVE it is and think I should say now so people looking for a good pushchair get to know too -that's what marketing is right? Sorry IF in the world of Twitter and blogging "selling” is a no no but I just can’t contain myself and you can take it or leave it right ?

So here goes….

Of course as the Creative Director of Cosatto I believe in our products and am bound to push them but it wasn’t until last weekend when I met a bunch of the 20,000 or so expectant families at The Baby Show NEC that I realised just HOW GOOD a solution the Cosatto Cabi 3 in 1 Combi is for real life new parents.


Firstly, it would seem that most first time (and some second time) parents are very apprehensive about how easy a pushchair is to use. Particularly with a product that essentially has 3 different “modes” mums and dads are concerned about how easily they will be able to change over the modes and make sure that their precious new arrival is super comfortable at all times. The Cabi is impressive as all it modes: infant carrier, pram body and pushchair seat all attach on and off the chassis in the same way (with the flick of 2 little buttons) something that instantly puts new parents minds at rest.

Another key thing with the Cabi is that it the pushchair seat can face you when you want to keep an eye on junior or spend valuable time talking and bonding with them OR it can face forwards so they can watch the world go by as they get bigger and more nosey!

The reclining seat has 3 different positions and slides into position silently (so no accidentally waking baby) –as some reclines work on a noisy ratchet system this is great selling point!


I thoroughly enjoy showing people the 3 step simple fold and absolutely brim with smugness as I clicked the chassis back into an upright position with a single flick of the wrist –they were AMAZED!!


When people are buying a Combination pushchair it seems they almost expect a heavier bulkier chassis to come with the added functions –not with the Cabi!! Once folded I got them to feel just how light the frame was –how easy it would be to bung it in the boot or stash it into the rack on a bus or train. At 6kg it’s lighter than most simple umbrella fold buggies or strollers.

The Cabi will even fit into the boot of small cars such as the Fiesta and the Ka. It has VERY easily detachable wheels which not only makes the fold shorter it also means you can easily to clean the wheels AND gives you the option to stash them in a carrier bag and saves the boot from getting muddy.


Most brands sell their pushchairs separately and this soon bumps up the overall spend for the customer! We include all the available accessories in the package so there’s no hidden costs for you. The Cabi comes complete with:

Cosy Toes –with a zip off liner for warmer weather and a fleecy pocket to keep their fingers toasty! Plus fleece backed chest pads to keep them super comfy on the go.

Changing Bag –with zip fastener and including waterproof changing mat and messy bag.

Raincover –in high quality PVC to cover all modes.

As if all this isn’t enough to convince people then we remind people that ALL Cosatto products come with a…….

FREE 4 YEAR GUARANTEE!! For complete peace of mind until the little one doesn’t need the pushchair any more!

And that my dear blog readers is why I just can’t HELP but brag about our fantastic Cabi 3 in 1 Combi!


Unbelievably (as I’m the one who heads up the brand identity and design of the fashion, colours & fabrics that adorn our wonderful stuff I have COMPLETELY forgotten to mentio…..

The Cabi is also BRIMMING with PERSONALITY –if like us you want a stylish alternative to the plain and sporty look most other baby stuff brands offer, look no further!

True to Cosatto’s style and design philosophy the Cabi comes in 3 gorgeous designs.

Walk in the park –a rich chocolate with deep orange highlights and adorned with cute and simple trees.

Out On The Town – a stylish charcoal grey with famous city icons such as the Eiffel Tower, the London Eye and the Empire State building –great for urban explorers!

Free As A Bird –just perfect for girly girls in a stylish shade of aubergine with deep raspberry pink highlights –girly but not too twee!

Check out the details and technical spec at

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

It's official -EVERYONE wants a Cosatto Cabi!!!!!

We were literally mobbed at The Baby Show (NEC) this weekend! A gang of Cosatto folks went down to Birmingham this weekend to promote our rather fantastic Cosatto Cabi 3 in 1 Combi.

We've always known that the Cabi is amazing and are absolutely chuffed to bits that you do too! When the "Cosatto Girls" showed what Cabi can do, how it works, what's included in the package and explained that all Cosatto products come with a 4 YEAR GUARANTEE people were literally gobsmacked!

At Cosatto we have never been exactly shy and our cool style and eyecatching funky graphics drew people onto our stand then more and more people "Caught the Cabi" fever and voted with their feet! There was no real selling needed, when they saw how easy and quick it is to attach the Cabi's 3 modes; pram, pushchair seat and Group 0+ Infant Carrier on to the chassis they were hooked. Then when we explained how easy it is to fold and they saw the 1 second "flick" action unfold and how light it is (at 6kg less than most umbrella fold buggies) people were even more amazed!

We went on to explain that the Cabi comes complete with Cosy Toes fleece backed chest pads to keep little one snug, a changing bag AND a raincover ( so no hidden extras) they were queuing up the aisles!

We pride ourselves in producing cool, quirky, products "with personality" and are chuffed to bits that parents love our stuff as much as we do!!

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

New Twin Buggy You2 "Bro & Sis Too"

And then there was the "Bro & Sis Too" -the original version of this YOU2 twin stroller design was a sell out from the minute we launched it and we're sure that mums and dads will love the new version with it's ditsy prints even more! 

Let us know what you think.

It Takes Two Baby!

Here's the second of our 2 newest funky twin buggies the SNAP -the newest aditions to our "Stand Out From The Crowd" YOU2 collections.
Our happy snappy croc is sure to be popular with tots -especially when the see the "see ya later alligator" slogans on the back of the hoods -cute and cool at once!


Well here are our lovely new nursery sets, after plenty of hammering, painting and trips up (& down) ladders. Thanks to Mark, for all the heavy work, Charlie for the posters and artwork and me (Vicky) for arranging the pifpaf in an aesthetically pleasing way. 
Starting with two bright, fun rooms the first in red,white and blue -a perfect little boys room. The next one full of colour and great for budding artists to express themselves in. A basic washing line with pegs is a simple but effective way to show off junior's latest masterpiece -anyone can do it!

Next up is the stunning and subtle muted roomset with Hogarth in Cream painted finish -this is Charlie' s favorite -she likes to keep things stylish and under stated!Here's our pretty pretty girl's room styled using our classic Hogarth furniture set in super popular light country pine -check out our bargain ikea ornate frame! It was black plastic but thanks to Mark in Technical now it's a lovely matt white -very french antique we say!

This is our lovely retro "Modo" roomset for all those nostalgic 1970's style loving parents. Groovy baby!
 Hope you like our nursery rooms -we think they're rather nice! We'd love to see your nursery schemes so feel free to e-mail me shots and we may  feature them on the blogg/website:

Thursday, 18 March 2010

It's good to be little if there's somebody big to look after you!

Lovely New Nurseries For 2010

We're super duper proud of our stunning new nursery shots. All styled using our ultra versatile Arlo furniture. Classic in some ways contemporary in others -we're rather pleased with ourselves actually!
Oooooo -the loveliness of a nice light airy room for the little one!