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Sunday, 15 May 2011

COSATTO BABY SHOW IS GO...Come and get Cosatto'd : ) 20-22 May 2011

Excitement abounds in Cosatto towers this week as the the Birmingham NEC BABY SHOW approaches. We're polishing our shoes, straightening the seams in our polkadot tights, oh and whipping up the yummiest stuff on wheels for your delectation. Come and meet us there. We have a Baby Show blast each time. You can't miss us, just follow the bright beacon of Cosatto loveliness. We will be front of house too to meet n greet in our cheeky t-shirts with sweets to give away, (providing we don't eat them). So come along for fun, frolics, freebies, advice and more Cosatto joy than you can shake a lolly at. Be there or be frolic free. We'll be blogging as we go and revealing some backstage nonsense. Ta raa : )

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Cosatto and Kiddicare

Cosatto and Kiddicare:
A Match Made in Peterborough

Didn't we have a lovely time the day we went to Kiddicare?

Last week the lovely Kiddicare graciously gave us giant floorspace in their store to display our yummy stuff. Our intrepid ambassadors Mark, Gill, Kate and Karen, trekked to Peterborough with our loot crammed into the jumbo Cosattomobile. Off to sprinkle a bit of Cosatto magic. Brrrrrrrrm.

Kiddicare were ideal hosts, laying on a spread and making the gang feel welcome while they whizzed up a wondrous world. Creating madly from dawn till dusk, the gang created six stunning roomsets bursting with Cosatto joy. Amid much curiosity and excitement, customers were sneaking past the barriers to see more. Who can blame them? It's a feast for the eyes. On unveiling there were gasps and grins. Not to mention one blue paint drenched Mark.
Well done guys! Kiddicare - ta for having us.

Next stop: the moon.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Colour Blocking daaaahhling...

London, Paris, New York….Bolton



Tell us something we don’t know.

A bright, tropical little birdie tells us we are so on trend. We always knew that.

Colour Blocking the Cosatto Way…

Colour has always been in season for Cosatto. We’re the maverick colouristas of the pushchair scene. You know this, (you wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t know your brights from your blacks), we know this and the catwalks are slowly catching up. So, guess what we have gone and done. We’ve cranked up Cosatto colour-blocking a notch further this season, just to spell it out. Catwalks, feel free to follow suit.

Tired of insipid dull pushchairs? Ditto.

Too much mundane and pale? Welcome to the world of Cosatto colour.

Rock the Rainbow, Cosatto Style

Everyone knows having a baby is cause to celebrate. It’s a whole new person turning up on this planet. That is a big deal. Why would anyone hole baby up in drab dull tones? We wouldn’t dress little one in head to toe black, or design a steely grey nursery, so why the bleak pushchairs people? We want a carnival of colour to welcome little one. We love look-at-me bold brights that proclaim joyfully our precious new arrival. “Yo! I’m here”. This is the beautiful bursting beginning. Life is colour. You know it, Cosatto knows it and baby knows it. Here’s how:

• “As color vision begins to develop, babies will see red first—they will see the full spectrum of colors by the time they reach three months of age.”

• “Infants start to develop the ability to see in colors very quickly. At one week after birth, they can see red, orange, yellow and green”.

Phew. Thanks Professor Cosatto (take off lab coats).

But we see it more like this:

• “I can jump higher in my red stockings….I like my red stockings the best”
Red is Best by Kathy Stinson

Colour is Cosatto’s raison d’etre.

And now…it’s everywhere, on catwalks, high street, telly box thing, interiors…

Let Cosatto lead the roll call of colour.

We are reet excited about our yummy new colour-blocking, candy-tastic Yo! Strollers.

With sizzling colours and a clashing ‘on trend’ palette, they are just so this season sweetie. We’re northern nursery know-alls, you know. We dig a vibrant bold palette we do. Finally, after season, upon season, of muted soft tones (yawn…) the catwalks have exploded with an uproar of colour. Yippee. Yo! is the supermodel of the Cosatto catwalk (and pavement). Sweetshop brights clash with candy craziness to set your morning stroll ablaze. Pick and mix:

Strike a pose...

Fruit Salad

The Yo! fruit salad is a feast for the eyes. Yum yum…A dazzling sunburst of flamingo pink and mouth-watering tangerine. We go all sherbet dippy for this sweetie.

Mint Humbug

Bring a block of emerald drama to your streets with mint humbug. Spring into action with a flash of glossy, grassy green. Green says GO. Life in the fun lane, not the monotonous mile.

Cosatto’s Colour Crusade

You want to rock this seasons trends – why can’t little one? Be a designer-duo, cutting a cutie dash through the graphite crowd. Nothing says new baby like an all out rainbow riot.

That is all.