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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

New Twin Buggy You2 "Bro & Sis Too"

And then there was the "Bro & Sis Too" -the original version of this YOU2 twin stroller design was a sell out from the minute we launched it and we're sure that mums and dads will love the new version with it's ditsy prints even more! 

Let us know what you think.

It Takes Two Baby!

Here's the second of our 2 newest funky twin buggies the SNAP -the newest aditions to our "Stand Out From The Crowd" YOU2 collections.
Our happy snappy croc is sure to be popular with tots -especially when the see the "see ya later alligator" slogans on the back of the hoods -cute and cool at once!


Well here are our lovely new nursery sets, after plenty of hammering, painting and trips up (& down) ladders. Thanks to Mark, for all the heavy work, Charlie for the posters and artwork and me (Vicky) for arranging the pifpaf in an aesthetically pleasing way. 
Starting with two bright, fun rooms the first in red,white and blue -a perfect little boys room. The next one full of colour and great for budding artists to express themselves in. A basic washing line with pegs is a simple but effective way to show off junior's latest masterpiece -anyone can do it!

Next up is the stunning and subtle muted roomset with Hogarth in Cream painted finish -this is Charlie' s favorite -she likes to keep things stylish and under stated!Here's our pretty pretty girl's room styled using our classic Hogarth furniture set in super popular light country pine -check out our bargain ikea ornate frame! It was black plastic but thanks to Mark in Technical now it's a lovely matt white -very french antique we say!

This is our lovely retro "Modo" roomset for all those nostalgic 1970's style loving parents. Groovy baby!
 Hope you like our nursery rooms -we think they're rather nice! We'd love to see your nursery schemes so feel free to e-mail me shots and we may  feature them on the blogg/website:

Thursday, 18 March 2010

It's good to be little if there's somebody big to look after you!

Lovely New Nurseries For 2010

We're super duper proud of our stunning new nursery shots. All styled using our ultra versatile Arlo furniture. Classic in some ways contemporary in others -we're rather pleased with ourselves actually!
Oooooo -the loveliness of a nice light airy room for the little one!